Marine Resources Advisory Council

In 2013, the Washington State Legislature established the Marine Resources Advisory Council (MRAC) to act as a state body to maintain a sustainable and coordinated focus on ocean acidification. MRAC’s membership includes legislative, executive, and elected officials, nongovernmental organizations, and private sector. Representatives from academic institutions and federal agencies have also been invited by the Governor to participate.

MRAC maintains a sustainable and coordinated focus on ocean acidification in Washington state by:

  • Advising and working with the Washington Ocean Acidification Center (WOAC) on the effects and sources of ocean acidification
  • Delivering recommendations to the governor and Legislature on ocean acidification
  • Seeking public and private funding resources to support the MRAC’s recommendations
  • Assisting in conducting public education activities regarding ocean acidification

MRAC has worked across organizational boundaries to ensure ocean acidification work is efficient, leveraged, and focused so that it becomes integrated into key programs across the state.



Martha Kongsgaard, Chair

Current Members

Brian Allison, Puget Sound Commercial Crab Association
Maia Bellon (Annette Hoffmann, alternate), Washington State Department of Ecology
Mike Cassinelli, Recreational Fishing
Kelly Susewind (Rich Childers, alternate), Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Ron Shultz, Washington State Conservation Commission
Mindy Roberts, Washington Environmental Council
Garrett Dalan, Washington Coast Marine Advisory Committee
Tom Davis, Washington State Farm Bureau
Bill Dewey, Taylor Shellfish Farms
Norm Dicks, Van Ness Feldman LLP
Kirsten Feifel, Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Representative Joe Fitzgibbon, Washington State House of Representatives
Tony Floor, Northwest Marine Trade Association
Gus Gates, Surfrider Foundation
Lisa Graumlich, University of Washington College of the Environment
Representative Dave Hayes, Washington State House of Representatives
Libby Jewett, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
Jay Manning, Puget Sound Partnership
Alan Clark, Northwest Straits Commission
Erika McPhee-Shaw, Western Washington University
Senator Jesse Salomon, Washington State Senate
Marilyn Sheldon, Coastal Shellfish Grower
Douglas Steding, Association of Washington Business
Terry Williams, Tulalip Tribes of Washington